Problem / Solution: Cannot upgrade application database during an upgrade to 2018.1 on-premise version.

Version 4


    This Solution applies to all versions of Ivanti Service Manager (current version, on the date when this article is created is 2018.1)



    After performing an update to 2018.1 version on System Configuration Wizard on step 5. Upgrade System it is impossible to upgrade Application Database (upgrading Configuration Database works fine).


    Error Message:

    1. First on System Configuration Wizard there is message saying: New version (664/2018.1) is detected. Please click "Upgrade System" button to get the latest version.

    2. After clicking on Upgrade System button and providing correct credentials it tries to connect. (Executing loginTest... message )


    3. And returns to the same screen.



    1. Go to maintenance page: http://Server_name/HEAT/Maintenance

    2. Then click the “Upgrade system tables” link under DB revision.

    3. After finishing an upgrade, you should be able to pass though next steps without any issues.