How to publish Service Request Offerings to specific Teams

Version 1


    Currently Org Unit and Location are the only options for publishing Service Request Offerings; is it possible to limit access to each offering by Team? It is not a default constraint.



    1.     Go to Configure Application and then to the “Self Service”->”Configure Access” option on the left toolbar. Select the  “Edit Access Object” button at the top.


    2.     Add a new relationship to the StandardUserTeam Business Object as below (Many to Many):


    3.     Return to “Configure Access” and press “Add Filtering Property” at the top. Fill it out using the values noted below.


    Then return to the client side and open the Request Offering workspace.  When you edit any request offering and go to the 4th tab (Publishing), you will see new filtering property “Team”.

    All existing records will have “Any” value for this new property, but by clicking on it you will be able to assign only necessary Teams that will be able to see this request offering.

    For example, if you only wanted the HR Team to be able to see a particular offering: