How to change Ivanti Endpoint Security Settings

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    This article discusses how to deliver changed Host Intrusion Preventions settings to an Ivanti Endpoint Security Client:

    There are two scenarios to consider.

    Endpoint Security Settings have merely been updated and the update needs to be propagated to the client.

    -or -

    Endpoint Security settings on the client need to be changed from one HIPS/EPS Setting to another.



    Scenario 1 - EPS settings update


    There are several ways that EPS settings get updated on a client:


    1. EPS Settings are updated every time the Vulnerability Scanner(Security Scan) runs on the client.  If EPS changes are not urgent, it is appropriate to wait until the next time the Vulnerability Scanner runs for the EPS settings to get updated.


    When the Vulnerability Scanner runs, if the Client UI is enabled you will see the following (or similar) dialogue:


    Note: All vulnerability scanner activity logs are stored here:




    Step 2 - Manually forcing an EPS settings to update from the core


    An EPS Setting update can be forced by pushing a Change Settings Task.


    This option can be used to update existing EPS Settings to the latest revision or to change from one EPS Setting to another.


    In order to set up a change settings task:


    1. In the Ivanti Endpoint Manager Console go to 'Tools' > 'Configuration' > 'agent settings'

    2. In the second icon ("Create a task") drop-down select "Change Settings"

    3. Select the desired EPS Setting.  Select the current EPS setting if you simply want to force a revision update, or select a different EPS setting if you want to change from one EPS setting to another.

    5. Click OK, and the Scheduled Tasks dialogue will open.

    6. Drag the desired targets to the task and Schedule it.


    Scenario 3 - Manually forcing an EPS Setting revision update from the client


    From the Run line on the client computer, type "Vulscan /changesettings /showui"