Ivanti Mac Provisioning Guide: Mojave

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    Endpoint Manager 2018.x

    The purpose of this Document is Provide an Overview of that's new with Ivanti Mac Provisioning in EPM 2018.3, and the Best-Known process for Deploying MacOS to Mac Agents.



    There are two primary steps in fully Provisioning a MacOS device in Ivanti EPM 2018.3:



    What's New

    Apple has begun shipping new hardware that includes the Apple T2 Chip. This hardware no longer supports booting to Network/External Volumes. The following are devices currently affected by this:

    • iMac Pro
    • MacBook Pro (2018)
      • For help in identifying if a Mac Device has a T2 chip, please visit This Apple Support Page.


    Apple has also released MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Included in this is the new Security and Privacy features. For more information, please visit: Support for MacOS 10.14 Mojave


    What this means for Ivanti EPM

    With these changes, the Ivanti Provisioning workflow needed to be changed up a bit. The biggest changes are:

    • Netboot is Gone
    • Deploy Image is no longer used in Mac Provisioning
    • Capture Image is no longer used in Mac Provisioning
    • Mac Provisioning operates entirely within the System Configuration portion of Provisioning Templates
    • Monolithic Imaging is in the past. Wiping and rewriting a disk with a pre-configured image is no longer part of the provisioning process.
      • Newly purchased MacOS devices do not require a new image, since provisioning will install the same OS image that comes pre-installed on Macs.
      • Provisioning with Ivanti requires an Agent to be pre-installed on the device.
    • New Provisioning Actions have been added:
      • Install MacOS
      • Enroll in Ivanti MDM

    Note: The changes made in EPM 2018.3 reflect the changes Apple made in 10.14 Mojave. This new workflow works for older versions of MacOS, and the old Ivanti Provisioning workflow is still supported and works in 2018.3.

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