How to browse Software License Monitoring data on the device

Version 12

    Softmon.exe is responsible for monitoring every executable that is launched and logs in the registry the last date that the software has been launched and other useful date.

    The information is stored client side, under this registry key:




    unfortunately the date format is in hexadecimal and is not so straightforward to convert it in human readable format.

    The article explains the manual procedure to convert the date in human readable format.


    Attached to this article you will find a simple tool that will read and interpreter all the SLM keys under monitor log and display them in human readable format.

    The application requires .NET 2.0 to run but the MSI installer may require .NET 3.5.


    Attached to the article you will find the executable as well: this should avoid to install .NET 3.5 only to execute the installer.


    This version is still very alpha. I'll improve it with error handling and other features time to time so, if you are interested, subscribe to this article to received updates.


    The latest build is (5th July 2012)


    NOTE: The application is given AS IS and the usage of it as at risk of the users. Local administrative priviledges are required to execute correctly the utility.




    • Still working to improve the exception handling.
    • Added a tab that reports the main LANDesk client service status.
    • Added the ability to stop some and start the client services (even Softmon.exe.)
    • Minor visual bug fixes.
    • supports 64bit registry and opens the registry in Read Only mode.