Intermittent Connectivity Loss to Web Desk, Console, or Workspaces

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.xService Desk 2017.x


    While technicians are accessing Web Desk, connectivity is lost.  On attempting to access again, they are able to reach the site.  This has no pattern regarding occurrence.



    Ivanti products rely upon the underlying Operating System, network, storage, and other software/hardware to perform properly.  If any of these components fail or experience issues, Ivanti products will not perform as expected.



    Disclaimer: Ivanti cannot provide instructions for how to troubleshoot underlying hardware or software.  For these issues, please contact the appropriate vendor for those products.

                                                        This list is not comprehensive and should be used as a guide to help isolate performance issues.


    1. Ensure all operating system patches are installed including performance or recommended updates.
    2. Ensure all drivers are installed and updated.  This includes any virtualization drivers or corresponding software for guest virtual machines, ie VMware Tools.
    3. When using VMware, do not use the E1000 or E1000E network adapters as these have performance issues at the guest OS level.  Utilize the latest vmxnet network adapters.
    4. Review backups and ensure database log files are being truncated.
    5. Ensure file system is not fragmented.  This does not apply to SSD storage volumes.
    6. Review process monitors to ensure no other installed applications are consuming CPU, Memory, or other resources.