How to Create an Ivanti Agent Configuration pkg for Mac Provisioning

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2018.x


    Ivanti EPM 2018.3 introduced new Provisioning Workflows in response to the changes made by Apple in 2018. Part of this new workflow is utilizing an Apple Developer Installer Certificate in order to install the agent within Provisioning.


    This document details how to create the Ivanti Agent Configuration pkg for Provisioning using the new


    Installing the Apple Developer Installer Certificate

    For information on obtaining an Apple Developer Installer Certificate, please visit Signing Mac Software with Developer ID - Apple Developer


    Once a Certificate is obtained, the Certificate will need to be exported as a .p12 file and installed on a Mac Device with the EPM 2018.3 Agent installed.

    Install Certificate.png

    Ensure that Login is selected for the Keychain location during the Install. The Ivanti app will look in this location for Installer Certificates.


    Once installed, the Developer ID Certificate will be populated in the Keychain Access application under Login.

    Keychain Access.png


    Installing the

    Begin by copying the Installer ivCreateConfigPkg.pkg to the Mac Agent that has the Developer Certificate installed. Located at C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Install\mac on the Core Server. Alternatively, smb://coreservername/ldmain/install/mac from a Mac Device.


    Once copied, run the PKG file to begin the installation. No configurations need to be made - leave the defaults and enter the Adminstrator Password to complete the install.

    Install ivcreateconfig.png

    Once completed, the IvantiCreateConfigPackage App will be in the Applications Directory on the Mac Device.


    Using the Ivanti Config Package Creator

    Launch IvantiCreateConfigPackage App from the Application Directory. The fields will all initially be blank.

    Blank Configuration Creator.png

    Choose an Agent Configuration. This field may not initially populate. Click "Refresh" to populate the drop down list.


    Choose an Installer Signing Certificate. This is the Certificate installed earlier.


    Click Create. This will open a window to specify the location where the PKG will be saved.

    Finished Configuration Creator.png


    Once finished, close the Ivanti Config Package Creator App. Copy the newly created PKG file to a Preferred Server HTTP Share. A good example would be HTTPS://coreservername/ldlogon/mac/provisioning.