The autoclose service doesn't close incidents after upgrading to 7.3

Version 2


    The 7.3 upgrade/install doesn't automatically upgrade the auto close service.  If the 7.2.6 version is running on a 7.3 system you will see an error in the application log that says it can't find rngdef in the module definitions.



    • Backup the touchpaper.integration.pollservice.poll.exe.config file from the original installation. 
    • Uninstall the 7.2.6 version
    • Install the 7.3 version
    • Once the 7.3 version is installed, copy the touchpaper.integration.pollservice.poll.exe.config file to the newer 7.3 folder
    • Lastly, update the file so that it points to the correct directory


    If you run in to this Problem please log an Incident with your Support provider quoting reference 4329.