Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.3 release information and useful links

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    Release Information


    Ivanti Endpoint Manager (EPM) 2018.3 was released on November 5th, 2018.  It is a full release with various problem fixes and enhancements.


    What's new?

    Ubuntu 18.4 and SUSE Linux 15 are now supported in EPM 2018.3

    What's New for Software Distribution in 2018.3

    What's new for Patch Manager in Ivanti EPM 2018.3

    What's new for Mac in Ivanti EPM 2018.3

    About Antivirus 2017 New Features in Endpoint Manager 2018.3

    About new features in Endpoint Security in Endpoint Manager 2018.3

    Whats new with MDM in 2018.3

    Remote Control WS (RC WS) 2018.3

    EPM 2018.3 Remote Control Tunnel



    How to obtain Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.3

    Download links are available to logged in customers with a current maintenance agreement. 


    Click here to download EPM 2018.3



    Sha1:  F550B70D408CFDC68961F455557445208AAB3F72

    Sha256: D85AA157A3A4A1C6B65F76BAB225D71BBF5C70DFE47BF03551CC0D26B0690A86




    Click here to view the readme


    Installation / Upgrades


    Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.3 Install Guide

    Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018 Architecture Guidelines




    Customers who are already licensed for older versions of Ivanti Endpoint Manager or LANDesk Management Suite are entitled to a license for EPM version 2018.3.  Your current activation credentials will activate the new version.  Please contact support if you encounter any activation or licensing issues.


    Customers who are not yet licensed, please contact your account/sales/partner contact to purchase the product.

    Support will not be able to provide you with the software or license but can assist in finding who to contact if you are unsure.


    Considerations Before Upgrading


    Supported Platforms and Compatibility Matrix for LANDESK Management Suite/Ivanti Endpoint Manager

    Prerequisites to Check Before Installing, Updating, or Patching the Ivanti Endpoint Manager Core Server


    Useful Documents


    About Windows PE versions used in Ivanti Endpoint Manager

    Mobile Device Management

    Linux and Unix

    Features and Compatibility EOL Matrix for Management and Security Suite

    Download the Latest Service Pack for Ivanti / LANDESK Software Products

    Best Known Methods for installing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for LDMS