vPro Getting Started with USB provisioning (screen shots from LDMS 8.8 SP3)

Version 6

    With different methods of provisioning this article is written to give a basic getting started using one touch or USB provisioning.


    Settings on the Core Server


    Setting the vPro password.  This will be the password that will be used to access vPro after it has been provisioned.


    1. In the LANDesk console select Configure | Intel vPro Options | General Configuration.
    2. Enter a strong password and confirm the password.  For getting started the other options in here do not need to be set.
    3. Select OK or Apply.



    Next would be to create PID Provision Passphrase(pps) to export to a USB thumb drive

    1. In the LANDesk console select Configure | Intel vPro Options | ID Generation
    2. Enter in the number of ID's to generate
    3. Enter a PID prefix this can be alpha numeric
    4. Enter a batch name if needed.

    5. Once they are generated then select the Import/Export IDs button
    6. Select the option to Export AMT ID's to setup.bin file
    7. Enter the vPro password that the clients have set.  The default from the vendor is admin.
    8. Select the number of IDs to export (One PID/PS combination can be used on multiple machines)  The in use just means that the ID has been exported to a USB key already
    9. Specify the drive letter of the USB thumb Drive
      1. One thing to note when using a USB thumb drive for one touch provisioning is not all thumb drives are created equal.  There are some instances where one drive will work in one machine but not the next.  Usually the smaller the better 1 gig or less and formatted fat16.  Check Intel's site for compatible USB drives http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-1247#USB_Key_Configuration_Guidelines


    Network changes (DNS Server settings)

    When a machine that is vPro enabled boots for the first time it will send out hello packets for up to 24 hours depending on vendor settings.  This hello packet is used by and sent to the provision server to let the server know it is a vPro machine.  The hello packet is sent to provisionserver as the name.  So a setting in DNS needs to be made so that the hello packets are sent to the LANDesk core server.  Need to add an entry for provisionserver and have it alias to the LANDesk core server or the same IP address of the core server.  One way to test is to ping provisionserver from a machine to see what IP address it resolves.  Also in the managementsuite dierectory on the core server there is a amtdiscservice.log file that will record the IP addresses of the machines that send in the hello packet.  If the file is not being updated then the traffic is not getting to the core server.


    Machines that have been on for more than the 24 hours before a provision attempt will no longer send these packets with out a restart.  Restarting the packets can be done with a full or partial unprovision of the machine when booting into the MEBX.



    Checking to see if the machine Provisioned

    Log file that can be checked in the amtdiscservice.log file the managementsuite directory there would be one of two entries on a successful provision.  If the machine is already in the LANDesk database then it will have a message of "Already in managed list (AMT Guid), info updated". If the machine is not in the database then it will have a log entry of "Added to UDD list" and the machine will show up in the Unmanaged Device Discovery tool under "Intel vPro".  The name of the device could be the actual name of the machine if it is in DNS or the IP address of the machine if it cannot resolve the name in DNS.