Issue: Unable to add devices to the Bare Metal Server view

Version 13

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.5LANDESK Management Suite 9.6LANDESK Management Suite 2016.x



    After adding a device using the "Add Bare Metal Server" wizard, no new device shows up in the device list.


    To add Bare Metal device entries to the console, the following steps should be taken:


    1. From the console's Network view drill down to Configuration - Bare Metal Server
    2. Right-click and choose Add devices
    3. Click Add
    4. Give the machine a name
    5. Enter Identifier like the MAC address
    6. Click Add
    7. Click OK twice




    Typically this is caused by the Inventory Server Service on the core server not running.


    Possible workaround if the Inventory Service is running:


    You can run barescan.exe from the managementsuite directory.

    barescan.exe -v core=<CoreServerName> name=test mac=123456789aac


    Replace <CoreServerName> with the name of the Core Server to create the Bare Metal device on.
    This will create an inventory scan file that resembles the following:


    Device ID =Agentless

    Scan Type =BAREMETAL

    Type =Bare Metal Provision

    Last Hardware Scan Date =1397079334

    Display Name =test

    Device Name =test

    Network - NIC Address =123456789AAB

    Network - TCPIP - Host Name =test

    OS - Name =Bare Metal

    LANDesk Management - Inventory - Scanner - Type =Bare Metal Provision

    LANDesk Management - Inventory - Scanner - File Name =barescan.exe

    Network - TCPIP - Bound Adapter - (Number:0) - Physical Address =123456789AAB


    Barescan.exe then places this in the LDSCAN folder on the core server and it gets processed by the Inventory scanner


    Note: Barescan.exe activity is logged in \Program Files\LANDESK\ManagementSuite\Barescan.log




    The first thing to check when this happens is to look at the Inventory Server Service to make sure that it is running.  Any entry in the console for Bare Metal devices will need the Inventory Service running in order to insert the device into the database.


    If the Inventory Service is in a state of "Starting", then there is a problem and the core may need to be rebooted to resolve.  If this does not resolve the problem with the Inventory Service starting, there may be an issue with the database or with connectivity to the database.


    To resolve this issue the following steps should be taken:


    Add non-LDMS administrator account to the LDSCAN folder with the following Security Permissions:

    • Modify
    • Read & Execute
    • List Folder Contents
    • Read
    • Write

    Determine what is causing the Inventory Service to not start. 

    Once the Inventory Service will start the Bare Metal devices should show up in the database.