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    Official documentation:


    How to create a new Bulk Action from a Query

    This article provides a detailed step by step on Bulk Action creation in Console & Workspaces environments:

    How To: Manually run a Bulk Action from a Query / Update more than one IPC in one go (Console + Workspaces)


    The Bulk Actions button is not visible in Workspaces

    This can occur when the user does not have the Bulk Actions privilege under Configuration Components\Configuration enabled:

    What privilege is needed to manually run a Bulk Action in Service Desk? 


    Bulk Action takes a long time to finish

    In this situation it's most likely due to the Scheduled Bulk Action Poll Period settings. This article details how to change these:

    How to solve issue: Bulk Action in Workspaces is slow (takes longer than expected)


    Bulk Action does not generate any Background processing logs

    Make sure that the Background Service connects to the correct Framework and that there are no typos in the Framework URL.

    1. Open Configuration Center
    2. If Background Service is running, stop it
    3. Click on "Edit" and review the Framework URL:


    Some Bulk Actions fail for an unclear reason

    If a bulk action resolves itself and fails, and the reason of this failure is unclear, click on the object, on which the Bulk Action failed, and in the browser address bar you will get the guid of said object:

    If you that copy that guid and run this query against your database (replacing PASTE_GUID_HERE with the copied guid):

    SELECT * FROM tps_scheduled_result_detail WHERE tps_object_ref LIKE '%PASTE_GUID_HERE%' 


    ...on the tps_scheduled_result_detail table in the tps_error_detail column you should find the message about reason of failure:


    Performing a Bulk Action results in an Internal Server Error

    image (1).png

    Most likely cause of this error is that the user performing the Bulk Action lacks Scheduled Action & Scheduled Action Value privileges:

    image (2).png