Installing CRUFL for 7.3 standard reports no gacutil in 2008

Version 2
    The batch file provided to install the extra crystal DLLs needs to be run as an administrator in Windows 2008. If this is done, the default directory will be windows\system32 and not the default directory of the batch file. The batch file will thus not find the regasm and gacutil files.

    Ideally the batch file should reference the path it was launched from or these utilities are 'installed'. Note on some sites we do not have access to the C: drive and the app is installed on the D:

    Simple workaround is to edit the batch file and
    add Cd %~dp0 as the first line of the batch file and this will resolve the issue .


    Attached is a batch file with an example of what the edited batch file should look like and a screen shot of the error message