How to test the "Web Service" action of LANDesk Process Manager

Version 4
    LANDesk Process Manager (LPM) is able to interact with web services through the workflow action "Web Service"


    If you need to try this functionality you will need a Web Service with methods to invoke.

    If you do not want to ''disturb'' production Web Services it is possible to use the example wb service attached to this document.

    This is a really simple web service that has only four methods:

    1. StringHelloWorld()  //This method returns only the string "Hello World"
    2. intnumberSum(int a, intb) //This method returns an integer that represent the sum of a + b.
    3. void myData() //It returns a string representing the date and time of the day.
    4. void whoAreYou() //It returns the IP address of the client that called the method.
    How to install the Web Service


    Install the Web Service is very easy.

    As prerequisite you obviously need a device with Windows OS with IIS on it (can be even Windows XP Professional)

         1- Create a folder.
         2- Set the permission of the folder : Everyone - Full Control
         3- Copy the content of the zip file attached to the document to the folder
         4- Open IIS and create a new Virtual Directory (Right click on Default Web Site -> New -> Virtual directory)
         5- Select an alias (can even match the name of the folder) and set the following permissions:
              a. Read
              b. Run
              c. Execute
              d. Browse

         6-  In the IIS console right click on your folder that now you will find under the Default Web Site node (the icon of it need to be a small wheel/mechanism) and select properties.
         7- Go to the Directory Security tab and click on the Edit button.

         8- Make sure that the only checked authentication method is the Anonymous one.

         9- You are ready now to use it!: browse to  http://localhost/<yourdir>/Service1.asmx


    Now you are ready to use it through LPM/ALM as well


    How to use the "Web Service" action in a workflow
    1. Create a new Workflow or simply add the Web Service action to it
    2. Click on the action and then go to the Advanced tab of the property of the action.
    3. Click on the "Endpoint URL" field and press the small button at the end of the field.
    4. In the GUI enter the URL that will return the WSDL of the Web Service. In this case is http://localhost/<yourdir>/Service1.asmx?WSDL
    5. Select the method to call, the value (or mapping field to 'feed' the Web Service if required) and where to store the output field.
    6. As test you can decide to send the result given back from the web service in an e-mail (using the Send e-mail action) or write the result in a field of a form/asset using the "Update form instance" action (available in ALM).


    NOTE: This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.