Indexing service should be disabled in Windows.

Version 4

    The Indexing Service in Windows should be disabled.  This service is known to lock files with can cause issues with many important LANDesk Management Suite functions including Inventory and Installation.  While these locks are in-place the LANDesk services cannot gain access to many necessary files.  Microsoft only recommends usage of this service on Desktop and Workstations, it is not recommended for Servers.


    To disable the service in Windows Server 2003 go to Start > Run, and type services.msc, hit "OK", right click on the Indexing Service and choose "Properties", under the 'General' tab, click on the down arrow next to "Startup Type:" then choose "Disabled", click "OK" to save.




    In Windows Server 2008, the service must manually be installed under "Add Roles", "File Server", "Windows Search Service", or "Windows Server 2003 Services" > 'Indexing Service". Both of the services should either not be installed or should be disabled.  To disable the service the instructions above for Windows Server 2003 should be applicable.


    2K8 Install.jpg


    This article is applicable for all version of LANDesk Management Suite.

    If you have questions about these services or this article please contact LANDesk Support.