How to list and stop all the services of the LANDesk Core Server using Windows PowerShell

Version 4
    If Windows PowerShell is installed on the core is possible to use these commands to list and stop all the LANDesk and Intel services:
    To list them:
    Get-Service -displayname ("LANDe* Intel*".split()) | Format-Table -AutoSize


    To stop them:
    Get-Service -displayname ("Lande* Intel*".Split())| Stop-Service -Force

    To start them again:
    Get-Service -displayname ("Lande* Intel*".Split())| Start-Service


    The script is not signed so to run it you may need to sign it or to allow unsigned scripts to run in your PowerShell using the cmdlet Set-ExecutionPolicy.

    Example: set-executionpolicy -executionPolicy Unrestricted

    Setting a too permissive execution policy can represent a security risk. The old times when everyone was able to run every kind of scripts and batches is far away now.

    To have more information about the PowerShell script signing process you can refer to the Microsoft article  or this article that I wrote: