Desktop icon positions are not retained over sessions with a different monitor setup

Version 2


    Consider the following scenario:


    • All or some desktop icons have been re-arranged on the user's desktop.
    • The end user is roaming from a single monitor setup to a multi-monitor setup or vice versa.
    • Alternatively, the user roams between devices that use a different display resolution.


    In this scenario, the desktop icons are not retained over the sessions and reset to the Microsoft Windows default behavior which is to align all icons to the left of the screen.




    Microsoft stores the desktop icon position in separate REG_BINARY values in the registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop], which depend on the resolution of the display


    Note: This registry key is excluded from capturing when using the User Settings Template. For more information see What is the function of the desktop.pos and desktop.loc file?




    This behavior is by design of Microsoft Windows and Ivanti Workspace Control.