Custom Reports/ HEAT Reporting

Version 3

    The HEAT Reporting pack is simply a collection of .rdl files that can be uploaded to a Microsoft Reporting Services server (SSRS).

    The pack is not a licensed product and it does not go through any rigorous testing procedures. It is available free of charge for customers who want to use it, however, depending on certain customers requirements some customers may feel it is limited or does not meet their reporting requirements.


    HEAT Reporting is not a licensed product. Although it is not supported as build in functionalities of Ivanti Endpoint Security it gives many more possibilities of creating reports so you if you wish you can download it for free and run the tests to see if it can provide you with information which you are looking for.


    If there is some other information which is very important and you would like to extract from the database, get in touch with your Account Manager to contact Professional Services who can prepare custom reports for a price.


    You can download it using the link above


    Documentation is available here



    Professional services

    If customers feel they would like to take more advantage of our reports they can either use internal resources within their organization to create their own specific reports or they can engage with our Professional Services team at a charge.

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