CSA: Update Time to custom NTP server pool

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    By default, the Ivanti CSA Operation system works without time synchronization to specific NTP network server. There is a possibility to set up local time through the management gateway page (GSB ). but the time is not synchronized automatically.

    To have synchronized CSA server with the global or local NTP server time, the additional customization is required. Data time information is mostly inherited from the host resources, where the OS is working.




    NTP update time procedure

    To have customized NTP settings, the access to the direct console is needed. It is recommended to use SSH client connectivity like Putty to establish a required connection.

    Please make sure the external router is allowing to establish SSH connection. The local firewall CSA settings should allow for that connectivity for particular NIC or the firewall status should be disabled.

    Once the SSH connection is established, the ntpdate command will be used.

    The time, set on the CSA server can be quickly checked by running the command:



    Using the admin privileges the new time will be set up, based on the return message from the specified NTP server.

    The update procedure should be performed by running the below command

    sudo ntpdate 0.pl.pool.ntp.org 

    where the 0.pl.pool.ntp.org is the address of the NTP server to be used for synchronization


    NTP automatic time update procedure

    To have updated server time as an automatic service, the NTPD service should be configured as well.

    The below procedures should be run


    chkconfig ntpdate on
    nano /etc/ntp.conf


    NTP.conf file should have an updated server address with the iburst switch

    After that, the next command should be performed


    service ntpd restart
    chkconfig ntpd on

    As the alternative way, the ntpupdate procedure can be put as a scheduled local Linux task, executed in specified in cron time recurrence


    Additional information

    The guide explains the basic Linux configuration. Any additional assistance or troubleshooting for Linux customization are not included in standard product maintenance.

    Please consider asking Professional Services Team for further internal assistance