In which order are Drives being mapped by Ivanti Workspace Control

Version 3


    Consider the following scenario:


    • The Drive and Port Mappings feature is being used.
    • According to the Workspace Control Console, access to various drive mappings should be granted, even drive mappings with the same drive letter.


    In this scenario, if multiple P: drives should be available to the end-user, which one will be mapped in the session?




    During Login or Network Connection state change, Workspace Control will build a collection of drive mappings based on Access Control.

    If multiple of the same drive letters are available for the end-user, the mapping with the highest number (order) will be added to the collection and will be mapped for the user.


    We advise to make sure, that based on access control, only unique drive letters are available for the end-users. This will also speed-up calculation of the drive-mappings collection.