How to add certificates to Smart Device Server Profile and Central File Store for using Android Devices with Avalanche 6.2 - 6.3

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.2



    Note: On Avalanche 6.3 you can create a self signed certificate directly on avalanche at the time of Installation.


    Why do I need to install certificates in Avalanche 6.2 and 6.3?

    You only need to install certificates if you'd like to connect Android Devices and if you'd like to use the Central FileStore. If you only want to support your AIDC (Windows Mobile and Windows CE Devices) then you most likely don't require certificates to be installed. However, it is important to note that Windows CE and Windows Mobile platforms are going out of support and companies should at least evaluate the possibility of transitioning to Android devices in the future.


    Where do Certificates need to be installed in Avalanche in order to connect my Android Device?

    1. Default SDS Server Profile
    2. Central FileStore


    Adding Certificate to Default SD Server Profile

    • Go to Profiles at the My Enterprise Level
    • Open the “Default SD Server Profile”:
    • Click Edit at the top right
    • Add the certificate into the section labelled HTTPS Configuration:

      Note: When you add the .pfx and the correct passwords, the server address should appear below in the “SDS Public Address” section
    • Press Save



    Adding Certificate to the Central FileStore

    1. Log into Avalanche
    2. Go to Tools > Central FileStore
    3. Add Certificate information in the Central Fileserver HTTPS Certificate Section:

      NOTE: for the Central Fileserver URL make sure to do https://[serveraddress]:9000 (unless you’ve intentionally changed the default port to something different)