CSA - Accessing the xterm terminal emulator

Version 1



    • Need to patch the CSA
    • Need to move files to or from the CSA
    • Need to work on the Linux back end of the CSA




    There are many documents on the community that talk about modifying the CSA outside of the GUI. This document will talk about accessing the xterm terminal emulator that is found on the CSA. It will tell you haw to get in and out. It will not walk you through any of the modification. Having access to the xterm gives you the ability to do do anything on the CSA, including rendering the CSA useless.


    Proceed with caution, always have a snapshot or backup of your CSA, and only make changes you are sure about. Ivanti Support assumes no responsibility for what you do once you are in the xterm.


    Accessing the xterm terminal emulator

    There are a couple of ways to access the xterm.

    1. Ctrl+Alt+F2
      1. Using this will switch you to another Terminal in Linux. It will ask for a username and password. It looks something like this;
      2. xterm1.png
      3. If you want to open another xterm from here you can press Ctrl+Alt+F3
      4. To get back to the GUI from here you pres Ctrl+Alt+F7
    2. Alt-F2
      1. This opens run program window over the top of the GUI.
      2. xterm2.png
      3. Typing "xterm" (no quotes) in here
      4. xterm3.png
      5. allows you to open a an Xterm window in the terminal session you are in that looks like this;
      6. xterm4.png
      7. When you are finished, you can just close this window and the GUI is still there as you never left the session.