Management Center - Package is not correctly deployed to endpoints due to invalid version

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    You may see endpoints in Management Center where the deployment status never reaches 100% and machines do not have the full list of packages deployed. The result of this will be that functionality will not work, such as EM policy not applying or AC rules not being processed. This has been seen where an invalid package exists in the database and the CCA is trying to download it instead of the correct one, although there could be other causes of this issue.




    As with any deployment issues, CCA logs should be captured on an affected endpoint. Instructions for enabling logging are here: Client Communications Agent (CCA) Logging


    When you have the logs you may see the following:

    L1 T7512 4164078 [w32httplib::WebRequest::Connect] WinHttpConnect failed. Error [12005]

    The above error means 'Invalid URL' which indicates that a URL was unable to be found on the server. In practice this means the package was not available for download.


    Next, check for download errors such as the following:

    L4 T7512 4164687 [CPackageRegistryStore::GetResourceDownloadErrorInfo] [ENTER] strGUIDPackageID [{ed6b4527-c948-4359-98d5-da5863f7456f}] strPackageType [msi/configuration] strTargetPath [C:\Program Files\AppSense\Management Center\Communications Agent\download\{ed6b4527-c948-4359-98d5-da5863f7456f}\a2c39340-cbea-457c-a7cc-8e45046ea090_10.2.18.0.msi]

    In the above case, the package which failed to download was one which had the version You can check your Packages library in the Management Center to see if the above package exists. If it does then you may find that it is locked - you can unlock it by right-clicking on it and choosing Undo Lock > Undo Lock. This should then unlock the package and either make it available to be downloaded or it may delete it from the database if it was not a valid package. If it deletes it from the database then you may need to also delete the corresponding registry entry from the endpoint where it was failing to download to. In the above case this would be:


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AppSense Technologies\Communications Agent\packages\{a2c39340-cbea-457c-a7cc-8e45046ea090}

    If you are using VDI machines then you may need to delete the registry key on the master image and then redeploy it.

    After you have deleted the above key, restart the Ivanti CCA service and the correct package should be installed.