How to display available storage in percentage to the total amount of storage?

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    You want to know how much free disk space is available on the clients and you want to show this information in percentage to the total amount of the hard disk. With a simple LANDesk query you can find out the available free disk space. It is however not possible to display this information in percentage to the total amount of hard disk.





    We need to create a LANDesk report. These are the steps to perform


    1- In the LANDesk Console open Reports tool (Tools > Reporting / Monitoring > Reports)

    2- In the Reports tool right-click My Reports and select New Custom Report

    3- In the Report Properties enter a name for the report and description as desired

    4- Under Query in the Report Properties click on New button to create a new query

    5- In Report Query window add the following attribute as criteria


    "Computer"."Mass Storage"."Logical Drive"."Drive Letter" = "C"



    6- In the same Report Query click on Select Columns to add the following attributes (or any other ones to fit your purpose)


    "Computer"."Display Name"

    "Computer"."Mass Storage"."Logical Drive"."Available Storage"
    "Computer"."Mass Storage"."Logical Drive"."Total Storage"

    "Computer"."Mass Storage"."Logical Drive"."Total Storage"



    7- Click on Save button to save the Report Query and to return back to the Report.

    8- Back in the Report we now need to design our report to actually calculate the percentage of the available free disk space. Click on Design button

    9- In the Report Designer we need to add two labels from toolbox (left hand side): one label in the DetailHeader and one label in the Detail section of the report.

    10- Change the text for the label that we added into DetailHeader

    11- Click on the label that we added into Detail. On the right hand side you should see Properties for that selected label. Locate DataField in the properties and enter this:


    =[Available Storage]*100/[Total Storage]


    The report should look like this:



    12- Now save and exit Report Designer.

    13- Run the new report and modify as needed. Report output should look like this: