Authorisation failure. User is not autorised to perform Create operations on the ProblemManagement.Diagnosis class type

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.x

    Users receive an authorisation failure when attempting to add diagnosis to a problem.

    Role has Execute, Read and Update permissions on Add Diagnosis but I cannot find CREATE privileges anywhere?



    This is a privileges that is not visible from the front end and should you end up getting this error message for this particular privileges you will need to update it from the back end with a script.


    This script will update the "Problem Management . Diagnosis" privileges to have Read, Update and Create active for the relevant role.



    (Please modify the script with the Role you wish to update, currently this is changing the privileges for the Analyst Role.)


    Update tps_privilege set tps_value = '7' where tps_collection_guid = (select tps_privilege_collection_guid from tps_role where tps_title = 'Analyst')

    and tps_item_guid = (select md_guid from md_privileged_item where md_name = 'ProblemManagement.Diagnosis')