Problem / Solution: User's Console view gets corrupted, which makes certain data, like Attributes and Properties, invisible

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    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.xService Desk 2017.x


    This solution is for all versions of Service Desk (including 2018.3).


    Requires Access To:

    Database & Service Desk Console access is required to complete these steps. SDaaS customers should open a support case to implement this solution.



    Situation may arise, where a particular user's Console view gets corrupted, which makes some panes so elongated, that they obstruct other panes, making them appear outside of the visible screen area. This is a problem with the application settings for the user.




    Before continuing with this procedure, please perform a full database backup.

    1. Identity which user is suffering from the issue. For this example, we'll assume that the user experiencing the issue is SA.

    2. To restore this user's application settings to default, while preserving the user's custom shortcuts and other personal settings, unrelated to the Console view, execute the following statement against the database:

    FROM tps_application_user_setting 
    WHERE tps_application_config_guid IN (SELECT tps_guid FROM tps_application_config WHERE tps_name = 'BusinessObjectDesigner') 
    AND tps_user_guid = (SELECT tps_guid FROM tps_user WHERE tps_name = 'sa') 

    3. The above statement assumes the user experiencing the issue is SA. For other users, simply change the tps_name = 'sa' part of the query (in line 4) to the particular user's User ID.

    4. The above statement assumes the user is experiencing the issue in Object Designer component. For other component views, modify the tps_name = 'BusinessObjectDesigner' party of the query (in line 3) with the identifier of a relevant view. The list of all available configuration components is located on the tps_application_config table, and can be displayed by executing the following statement:

    SELECT * FROM tps_application_config


    As always, before performing any manual changes to the database, it is strongly recommend to first perform a full database backup, so there is a rollback point available, in case something unpredicted happens.