Decommissioning and Replacement of GSS in Mesa, AZ (West Coast GSS)

Version 3



    Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (LEMSS) 7.0 and higher

    Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite (HEMSS)

    Ivanti Endpoint Security (IES)




    On 29 January 2019, the GSS servicing the western United States (West Coast GSS) located in Mesa, AZ was replaced with a new GSS located in Bluffdale, UT. EMSS Servers were automatically redirected to this new server via a global DNS change ( and However, some servers may have hardcoded the IP address that points to the now-decommissioned Mesa, AZ GSS in their HOSTS file and remain unaffected by the global DNS change. Thus, these EMSS Servers continue to replicate to Mesa, AZ.


    The GSS in Mesa, AZ is scheduled to be deactivated permanently on 28 February 2019. Prior to this deadline, administrators are encouraged to review their HOSTS file on their EMSS server to ensure no hardcoded IP addresses remain for or The IP addresses that are going to be decommissioned are as follows:


    • (
    • (


    For load balancing purposes and in case of future changes to the GSS cloud infrastructure, it is highly recommended to avoid permanently hardcoding specific IP addresses for these URLs. For more information on other URLs used by the EMSS product, please visit the following article: Access URLs in L.E.M.S.S.




    Please use the following steps to review your HOSTS file:


    1. On the EMSS Server, open an administrator CMD prompt
    2. Type cd c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and press Enter
    3. Type notepad hosts and press Enter

    4. Review any entries not containing a # character that indicate an override for DNS. Example:
    5. Remove any entries associated with or Save the changes to the HOSTS file
    6. In order for any changes to take effect, you must restart the Replication Service and EDS Server service