LD-ICF-CONFIGv2 adds XP sp3 and Server 2003 sp3 support 

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    LANDesk has released a new icfconfig tool that includes support for Windows XP sp3 and Windows Server 2003 SP3 Support. This new tool replaces LD-OCF-Config.


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    Changed Vulnerabilities

    LD-ICF-Config - Added superceded information.

    Added the following to the description.

    LD-ICF-CONFIG has been superseded by a newer version LD-ICF-CONFIGv2. This new version utilizes a more robust implementation for supporting the opening of firewall ports for LANDesk clients. LANDesk advises not to have both LD-ICF-CONFIG and LD-ICF-CONFIGv2 in the Scan folder.