Setting up SSL to be used with Console

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    Setting up SSL to be used with Console


    The following document gives details on setting up SSL, and includes URL's to Microsoft Knowledge Base which will also help in setting up Console to work on SSL.


    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is essential for any website collecting sensitive information online, an unsecured website transmits information over many computers and networks leaving it open for hackers and such-like, when SSL is enabled on a web site the browser will display a padlock to tell you, it also displays Https:// in the address bar.


    The use of SSL slows performance between HTTP servers and browsers.  Performance can be affected when using SSL, because https is encrypted the amount of data which must be transmitted is greater, this is impacted by decreasing the level of transfer rates so it can appear a lot slower than standard http which doesn’t use any secure encryption.


    To set up SSL, an SSL certificate will be required which can be purchased through a trusted third party or created locally yourself for testing purposes.


    For more info on creating and installing an SSL certificate on IIS 6 see the following this includes details of registering the certificate for the 'default web site' in IIS, so can be used by any virtual directories you have coming off from there.


    Once that is set up, you will need to set up the website (virtual directory) to use SSL (https), again there is more info on setting this up here - this will enable the website to use https rather than http, and also you can specify which certificate it uses, which will be the one you created earlier.


    With that set up, the website virtual directory (serviceportal, touchpaper.framework.web) should now use an HTTPS:// address, you can test this out by browsing to the virtual directory in IIS.


    Once that is done, you will need to change the TPS HOST and URL in the console.exe.config file to now use the new https// address on each of the client machines, found in c:\program files\landesk\landesk servicedesk\


    Other services that you use (inbound and outbound mail, data import etc) will also need the URL changing in the configuration files for each of these services, the configuration files for these are found in c:\program files\landesk\landesk applications on the apps server (in 7.5 the configuration is updated in the Configuration Centre).  See the files that have *.config as the extension, and also containing the name of the relevant service, i.e. ‘touchpaper.service.mail.inbound.windowsservice.exe.config’ is the configuration file for the inbound mail windows service; change the URL in here from http:// to https://.


    The configuration file for knowledge is found in c:\program files\landesk\landesk knowledge – again see files that have *.config extension, and change the http:// to https://


    The other service that will require a change to the TPS URL is the background services, background services doesn’t have a configuration file in the same way as other services and the URL is stored in the registry.  More info on how to change the TPS URL for background services can be found here