Configuring Default Dashboard for Home Page Icon in Toolbar

Version 2



    • The system default Dashboard is not displaying as your default Home Page
    • You click on the HOME icon in your Toolbar and it does not display your system default dashboard



    • In Service Desk 7.3 and above Dashboards have replaced the Welcome Page which has allowed for multiple dashboards to be configured and executed within Service Desk.
    • This new feature set also includes the ability to allow users to configure their own personal homepage, and currently it will be a default dashboard unless configured to something else.



    • To set a new default home page for the HOME icon in your tool bar you must follow the steps below:
      • You must select SETTINGS from the menu bar
      • select PERSONAL from the list of available options
      • When your PERSONAL window appears, in the list of configurable options you will see a configurable option of MY HOME PAGE
      • At this step you will have the ability to select another default home page for this HOME icon