How to use Dependent Packages

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    Dependent Packages


    Dependent packages are packages that must be installed on the target client prior to the installation of the main software package. If you are targeting clients using an MSI or a SWD dependent package, detection is handled by either the MSI or SWD installer and no additional detection is necessary. However in using any other method, detection must be configured in order for the primary package to properly determine if a dependent is installed or not.


    To configure a Primary Package to use a Dependent Package the Dependent Package must be created first. If the Dependent Package is not an MSI or SWD package, detection logic must be configured as part of the Dependent Package—this will be discussed later in this document. Once the Dependent Package is created, add the dependent package to the Primary Package by going to the Dependent Packages section on the primary package. In order to add a Dependent Package to the Primary Package the Dependent Package must be a public package.


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    Note: Detection logic is not entered in on the primary package. This information is entered in on the Dependent package under Detection.


    It is important to note that the installation of Dependent Packages will follow the reboot parameters of the Delivery Method. For example, if the Delivery Method is set to “Reboot when necessary” the task will cause a machine to reboot if a dependent package requests a reboot. This will occur for each Dependent Package that requests a reboot, possibly causing the machine to reboot multiple times on a single task. There are methods that can be used to mitigate rebooting. See community article 7751 for details.


    Using Detection for Dependent Packages


    Detection is used on a dependent package to determine if a dependent package needs to be installed prior to the installation of the primary package. To add detection to a Dependent Package add the detection logic to the Detection section on the Dependent Package. This can be done by file version, if a file exists, file size, file date, registry key value, if a registry key exists, or on a matching registry file. This detection will launch vulscan, LANDESK’s security scanner engine to scan against these settings.



    NOTE: Detection logic will only be adhered to if the package is a dependent package. If the package is a primary package the detection logic will be ignored.

    On the Primary Package add the Dependent Package to the Dependent packages section of the Primary Package.