New Spyware Patch to Supercede Previous Spyware Hot Patch Updates.

Version 7

    This patch resolves issues with the spyware scanner attempting to scan network drives among other issues.  This patch will update all of the spyware scanning related files and supercede any previous spyware patch in version 8.7 and 8.8.



    Install instructions


    Patch can be downloaded as part of the LANDesk vulnerability content.


    If your are running LDMS 8.8 you will need to install patch LD-88-VCUpdate-08-09 before installing this patch.



    Patch Download for various LANDesk Management Suite Versions

    LDMS 8.7 SP6LDMS 8.8 SP1LDMS 8.8 SP2LDMS 8.8 SP3LDMS 9
    LD-Spyware-36284-876.zipLD-Spyware-36284-881.zipLD-Spyware-36284-882.zipLD-Spyware-36284-883.zipNot Required


    The patches are all downloaded as part of the LANDesk Patch Content.  To Download the updates follow the steps below.


         1. Open up Patch Manager (LDMS 8.8 and below) or Patch and Compliance (LDMS 9).

         2. Click on the Download Updates button.

         3. Make sure that LANDesk Updates is selected.

         4. Click Apply.  (Or Download Now)


    The patches will be downloaded to the LDMS patch share.  The default path for this is Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\LDLogon\Patch


    1. Run the .EXE to extract the files (Default location: C:\LANDesk_Patches)
    2. Open the extracted folder (non client if exists) and run Setup.exe
    3. Step through installation.
    4. Let the Core Server restart if prompted.
    5. After the Core Server restarts browse to \Management Suite\LDLogon\Spyware
    6. Delete all the files ending with .aawdef.
    7. Go to the Download Updates screen in Security and Patch Manager (in the Win32 console).
    8. Make sure the Windows Spyware option is selected.
    9. Click Update Now.
    10. Click Close when the update is complete.


    The Windows Spyware vulnerabilites update process make take several hours to complete. During this process LANDesk is deleting every Spyware vulnerability from the database and then re-adding them to the updated affected product information. Do not cancel this process once it has started.


    On the Client Machines


    a. Launch WSCFG32.EXE on selected client computers.
    b. Use the Scheduler service to "push" a client configuration to client machines.
    c. Clients will self-update when vulscan.exe is executed on the client machine during a normal Security Scan. The update may require up to three Security Scans to run before the update is complete.  This process may cause a delay in the reporting process until all parts of the update are complete.


    Steps (automatic, no user intervention required):

    1. The first scan will download a new Vulscan.exe and associated files.
    2. The second scan will download a new Softmon.exe.
    3. The third scan will download the CEAPI.dll and the new content information. It will then complete the Security scan as normal. The CEAPI.dll will only update if it is running a spyware scan.


    You can also manually schedule Security Scans to run so that your clients will upgrade sooner.

    Right clicking on a client and choosing Security/Compliance scan will not update the clients. If you wish to force the client updates from the core, it is necessary to schedule a security scan.


    Known issues with the client upgrade:

    With Vista platforms, Vulscan self-update will not work in the "Show UI" mode.

    Please do not use "Show UI" mode and then push a Spyware scan as it will not work and may cause some compatibility issues.

    Right Clicking on a computer from the Network View and choosing Security and Compliance Scan will not update the client files.