LDMS 9 Webconsole error "Exception: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value"

Version 5



    In the LDMS 9 Webconsole under administration preferences you receive the following red text error on the license page Error "Exception: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar valuescreenshot1.png"







    ApplyDownload the Latest Service Pack for Ivanti / LANDESK Software Products or patch WEB-4202390







    This error can be resolved by removing a row from the database. (make sure to back up database before doing any delete statements)

    In SQL Server Manager open a new query under the LDMS Database instance


    Select * from CoreConfiguration

    Note: Depending on configuration this table might return multiple rows. Find the row with the configuration name AgentDiscovery this is the row we need to remove.




    In this example the delete statement would be:


    delete from coreconfiguration where coreconfiguration_idn = 2