"All required services have not started" when logging into the console after changing SQL Express Password using the SVCCFG tool

Version 1

    Problem: After using the SVCCFG (Configure Services) tool to change the database login password and rebooting the core, the console no longer allows login and shows the error message 'All required services have not started' and no authentication source is shown. This specifically affects SQL Express database installations.


    Cause: SQL Express uses Dynamic Port assignment by default. Because AMP and LDMS 9 require static SQL ports, this information is not being captured by the setup tool correctly and the SQL Express port is not stamped into the SVCCFG tool. Once the SVCCFG tool restamps the new password, the SQL Express Port information is lost.


    Resolution: Modify the SVCCFG tool information to include the correct port. To do this:


    Determine the SQL Express TCP port being used via the SQL Configuration Manager tools on the core server. To do this:


    1) Click Start--Programs--Microsoft SQL Server--Configuration Tools--SQL Server Configuration Manager.

    2) Open SQL Server Network Configuration and click 'Protocols for LDMSDATA'

    3) In the right hand pane, double-click TCP/IP, and go to the IP Addresses Tab

    4) Scroll down and find the value for TCP Dynamic Ports. This is the port SQL Express is using.



    5) Launch the SVCCFG.EXE tool from the ..\Landesk\ManagementSuite directory.

    6) Where it shows the value for SERVER, add a comma and the port number.




    Once this information has been changed, a reboot of the core server is required. After reboot, you should be able to successfully log in to the LDMS console. An engineering ticket, CR 42066 has been filed to track this issue.