How to increase RAMDRIVE size in DOS PE

Version 1

    1 - Download WinImage from, you will need this to modify the DOSPE image files.


    2 - With WinImage open \\CORE\ldlogon\landesk\files\BOOTMENU.1 .


    3 - Extract the files autoexec.bat and config.sys.


    4 - Open autoexec.bat with notepad so we can modify it.


    5 - The 5th line should say something like,

    dos\xmsdsk <SIZE> r: y/ t/

    Change the <SIZE> value to 4096.


    6 - Save the changes to autoexec.bat and open config.sys with notepad.


    7 - Modify config,sys file so the lines bellow have the same content.

    SHELL=COMMAND.COM /p /E:4096

    8 - Save the file.

    9 - Copy the files back in to the bootmenu.1 file using winimage.

    10 - Press the save button.

    11 - Repeat steps 2 to 10 on the file \\CORE\ldlogon\landesk\files\DOSUNDI.1.

    12 - Redeploy the PXE representative so that it has the updated DOSPE images, once it has finished confirm the modification date on the PXE rep to confirm it has updated successfully.

    13 - Boot with DOSPE and check if the RAMDRIVE size has increased.