Some user-generated DateTime attributes are not available to convert to UTC in the Time Zone Adjuster tool

Version 1


    An issue has been identified which can stop some user-generated DateTime attributes with a persistence type of CreateDate or UpdateDate not being made available in the Time Zone Adjuster tool to enable the "Adjust for time zone" property on the attribute and convert any existing data to UTC.


    The issue has been logged as Problem 4678 so if you experience this please contact your Support provider quoting the problem number.



    The attributes that are not appearing in the Time Zone Adjuster tool can be fixed by running the attached SQL script (also Oracle compatible).  Once the script has been run you must perform an IIS reset before running the adjuster tool.  The missing attributes will then be available for conversion by the tool.


    The script must be run the script on a test system if possible and a full database backup taken before running on a live system.