Inbound Mail has stopped logging incidents

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    Inbound Mail has stopped logging incidents and is not marking the emails in the mail account inbox as read.




    • Check that the Inbound Mail service is running.  Try restarting the service.
    • In Console, Administration, Mail under E-mail Settings, Mailboxes, open the Mailbox being used for the Inbound mails.
    • Click on the 'Test' button above the Settings window.  If the test fails to connect to the server using the User name specified then the Inbound Mail service will not be able to connect to the mail server using these credentials.  Check the following:
      • Check the Mail server name is still correct.
      • Check the User account is correct and that the password is valid. N.B. More often than not, the cause of this problem is a change to the User account password.
      • Check that the User account is not locked in AD (this can result in the service failing to connect to the server). Unlock the account in AD.
      • Check that the imap4 service is running on the mail server.
    • Maybe a "Dodgy" email in currently is the mailbox blocking the others then it has to be removed then do the following:
      • Move all the unread emails out and restart the Inbound Mail service and you should see that the next email will be automatically logged
      • If indeed the next email will be automatically logged and if you have no idea which email could be the issue, move back one by one each email in the mailbox with "Unread" status to see if they are logged or not; you can then identify which one is "dodgy"


    If this is still a problem refer to further troubleshooting article i.e.