Logging into LDMS 9.0 console options

Version 4

    Two of the options that are used to login to the 9.0 console are not as straight forward as they may seem looking at them.



    User name: When to use what syntax:

    Domain\User name - The user is a domain user, even if the authentication source is changed to point to the domain that user is in the domain\user name still needs to be used.

    User name - User with no domain would be used if the user is a local user on the core server.



    Authentication source: Comes down to how the Group Permissions are setup.

    Windows Local - If the user is a member of the Local LANDesk Administrators group on the core server then Windows Local can be used.  If the group permissions were setup to use a group that was on the core server then Windows Local would be used

    group permission.png

    Created Authentication source - If the Group Permissions was setup using a Domain group then the authentication that was used to setup the Group Permission would need to be selected.