How do I choose what to see on the tabs at the bottom of form windows?

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    Service Desk 7.7.x

    Tabs on form windows are the panes that appear at the bottom of a window to list information related to the Incident/Problem/Change/Call/Task (IPCCT) you have open.  Content of tabs can either be derived from a collection of the object or a query/filter written against the object.  Both types of collection tab are described below.


    Collections displayed on Tabs

    Collections are objects related to the IPCCT that you can have many of.  For example, Notes Assignments and Resolutions are all collections.  You can display these on either the Tree (Console and Service Portal only) or in tabs at the bottom of the window.  See your Designer manual for instructions on how to add a collection for display as a tab.


    Once you have the tab for a collection on your window you may want to change what data is displayed in the columns.  There are two places where you can configure this.


    If the window is being used in Console you make this change in Object Designer.  You start by opening the relevant object - for example to change the Notes tab on an Incident window you would open Modules | Incident Management | Note.  In the User Interface Properties you then need to select the ellipse button (...) for the Results Output Attributes property.  In this dialogue you can choose which attributes of the object you want to have displayed on the tab and how many characters of each of those fields you want to display.


    If the window is being used in Web Desk the configuration is done in Web Desk itself.  The collection tabs use the columns from a query that is specified on the Default Queries shortcut of the Web Desk Administration shortcut group.  If you can't see this shortcut group you may need to publish it from Console.  If there is no suitable query available for the collection you want to edit then you can create a new query or filter in Console to use instead.


    These two configurations do not conflict so a window used in both Console and Web Desk will need to have the configuration set in both locations.


    Using Queries and Filters to display information on tabs

    In addition to collections, it is also possible to display query results on form windows.  In Console this is normally achieved by adding a Query control to the window and specifying a query to use.  The unique advantage to this is that you can use a prompted query to filter by a field on the window, whether it is a related object or not.


    Web Desk windows will display queries on tabs though it will ignore the prompted conditions.  Instead, it is recommended to use filters on Web Desk windows, you can then use runtime values to limit the result set.  This is achieved by creating a filter on the same object as the window (eg Incident) and filtered by that same object too.  On the criteria page drag any related object (eg Raise User) on to the workspace in order to open the Criteria editor dialogue.  In the dialogue choose the 'Specify runtime value' option and then pick the same related object from the tree.  This means that when the filter is added as a tab on the window it will only display results that have the same value for the related object - eg Incidents with the same Raise User.



    This information is correct for Service Desk 7.2.x and 7.3.x though Web Desk is only available from 7.3 onwards.