How to troubleshoot PXE Boot (OSD and Provisioning)

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    PXE Boot

    PXE booting is the most common method used to get machines into a pre-boot environment in order to capture and deploy images, or run provisioning templates. PXE or Preboot Execution Environment has been around for quite a while and allows a machine to boot using a NIC to load a boot image or boot instructions from another computer on the network. For more information about PXE please see:


    LANDESK PXE boot

    LANDESK uses a DHCP Proxy, or PXE Representative to implement PXE booting. The PXE software is installed on any machine on a subnet where it listens to DHCP requests. If a request is heard that includes a PXE boot request, the PXE Representative sends the requisite information to allow the client to use the PXE representative as a boot server. An image (WinPE, DosPE or LinuxPE) is then transmitted to the client via TFTP from the PXE representative. That image is loaded into RAM and the machine loads the preboot environment. For more indepth information on the LANDESK PXE process see Understanding the PXE Process.


    PXE Errors

    PXE errors will present immediately upon attempting to boot the machine from PXE. The error will usually displayed will be in the format of PXE-EXX followed by a description. For a complete list of PXE errors and descriptions as well as some solutions, please see:

    PXE Boot errors and descriptions.


    The most commonly seen PXE errors are:

    PXE-E52 ProxyDHCP offers were received. No DHCP offers were received

    PXE-E53: No boot filename received

    PXE-E55 ProxyDHCP: No reply to request on port 4011

    PXE-E74 error when PXE booting and no F8 menu appears. - PXE-E74 bad or missing pxe menue and or prompt information


    TFTP Errors

    After the PXE process has identified the boot server and started processing, the client will download an image file via TFTP. This can sometimes cause errors as well. Please review the following articles about TFTP errors:

    PXE Boot fails with TFTP timeout error


    Other PXE boot issues

    There are a number of other miscellaneous issues seen during PXE boot. Please review any article that applies.


    PXE Deployment Issues
    Other Errors