LDMS 9.0 Web Console patch 4252290

Version 2


    When logging into the Web Console you may receive the following Error:
    Invalid session. Your Session has timed out
    There are many reasons that the "Invalid Session" error can appear, including rights, COM+ settings, Internet Explorer Zones, etc...  This patch specifically targets a flaw in which RBA user rights are not being properly applied to the account that is trying to log in on the Web Console.


    RBA is not being applied correctly to users and access and this can cause the wrong rights to be applied and read when trying to login.  This is a security concern and it is recommended that the Patch RBA-4252290 is downloaded and installed on the Core server.  This patch replaces and reregisters the UserManagement.Business.dll in use by the LANDesk Management software.  Installing this patch will require a reboot of the core server.



    Please download and apply the following patch to the Core:  RBA-4252290