Management Gateway Administration Page goes blank or no data is displayed on certain tabs

Version 3

    Issue: After applying GSBWEB-61s on the 4.0 version of the Management Gateway the tabs on the GSB administration page may go blank followed by the entire page going blank.


    Cause: Unknown at this time but corruption in the RPM database, the previous patch GSBWEB58, or the file missing from the GSBWEB61s patch is suspected.


    Resolution: Apply an updated patch as instructed below


    Steps: Access to the linux console will be needed. Two possible steps below:


    1- Use SSH to access the Gateway. Note: SSH is disabled by default and due to this issue enabling it may be difficult or impossible.


    2- At the Management Gateway itself use ALT + F2, right-click, and select xterm.


    Note: Only the "admin" account will be able to log into the Management Gateway itself.


    Once you are at the command prompt use the following commands to install the new patch:


    NOTE: The command "sudo sh" below will prompt for a password. Enter the "admin" accounts password.


    sudo sh

    rpm -Uv


    Note: Opening a new administration page will be necessary. Open another Window ALT + F3, right-click, and choose Admin Console. Use ALT + F1 to get back to the main screen and you should have two tabs, one that is visible and one that is blank. Close the blank tab.Rebooting the Gateway or logging off/on will also work.