Blue Screen and Reboot Issues After Installing MS10-015 (KB977165)  Updated 2/18/10

Version 4

    There have been reports of multiple customers experiencing blue screen and reboot issues after applying MS10-15.  Since Microsoft had pulled the patch from their site, LANDesk had planned on converting the patch to a manual download.  The purpose of converting the patch was  to prevent customers from applying the patch without being aware of the possible issues.


    Microsoft has since posted an update regarding the cause of this issue on their site.  It appears as if the bluescreen\ restart issues were related to computers that were infected with the Alureon rootkit.  The restarts were a result of modifications the Alureon rootkit makes to Windows Kernel Binaries, which places these systems in an unstable state.

    More information regarding this vulnerability and the issues it has caused can be found on the following sites.





    Since  Microsoft was able to determine the root cause of this issue we have decided that there is no need to change the vulnerability to a manual download..  The vulnerability and the patch to remediable the vulnerability are available for download with the rest of the Windows vulnerability content.