How To: Determine What Patches Have Been Applied to the Gateway.

Version 7


    Is there a log that shows what patches have been applied to the gateway appliance.



    There is currently no way to determine what patches have been applied via the GSB page.



    There are two options for checking the installed packages, both must be accessed from the Console or SSH session to the Gateway.


    From a console session:

         Instructions -- How to use Putty to SSH into the LANDesk Management Gateway Appliance.


    Option 1:

    Run the RPM command to bring back a simple list of ALL RPM packages installed on the Management Gateway.

    • rpm -Qa



    Option 2:

    You can view the rpmupdate.log from a console session- either direct or SSH.



    • The rpmupdate.log will show you what LANDesk rpm's (patches) have been applied to the gateway.
    • The rpmupdate.log file will not exist until at least ONE LANDesk patch has been applied on the gateway.


    1. Change directories to /var/log
      • cd /var/log
      • Note: You can use pwd at any time to see current working directory.
    2. Use the ls command (ls) to show all files
      • ls -ahl
    3. Look for rpmupdate.log
    4. Use the cat command (cat) to view the log file on screen
      • cat rpmupdate.log