Leaving Console idle for over 15 mins gives a 'Login failed' error

Version 1



    Using Integrated login for Console and if you leave the Console idle for over 15 minutes and then try to use it again, the Login failed message is shown and you must close and re-open Console.




    This can happen when using integrated login and the Logonpolicy value in tps.config is set to "All".


    Locate the tps.config file (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Touchpaper\Touchpaper.Framework.Web\tps.config).


    Make a copy.


    Open with Notepad


    Change the Logonpolicy value from "All" to "IntegratedOnly".


    Save and reset IIS.


    N.B. Make sure that no-one connects to this TPS using Explicit login and that the Touchpaper Services (which use explicit login) connect to a TPS that has been setup for 'ExplicitOnly' login.