Considerations when installing / running the 32-bit console in a Terminal Server environment (LDMS version 8.8)

Version 9

    In version 8.8 the 32-bit console is installed directly from the media (autorun.exe).  All of the rules for installing an application under Terminal Services apply (e.g. “install mode”; see section Installing Programs at ).  If a Citrix layer is present on the Terminal Server, the file Console.exe can be published as a "seamless" application after installation.


    Two Terminal Servers are recommended here for redundancy.


    The information below assumes that Terminal Server / Citrix users will not be configured as Administrators on the application server. (If they are so configured then the following information does not apply.)


    1. Permissions on the following files (in the \Program Files\ManagementSuite directory) need to be set to allow write access to the user or group using the console that has been installed to the Terminal Server or Citrix application server.





    2. Unmanaged Device Discovery (UDD) will not work in a published console where the user is not an Administrator.


    Workaround (UDD):


    UDD scans can be either scheduled and automated by another user, or tasks can be created and moved to public areas -- users without administrative rights on the Terminal Server can then run the tasks from said public areas.  It is the UDD UI that will not function for those without rights in a Terminal Server environment.