About Ivanti USB encryption vs. other vendors USB encryption

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    What makes the USB encryption that Ivanti uses different than the USB encryption that other vendors use.  And why do you have to use the encryption utility once you have encrypted the USB drive?




    LANDESK Management Suite does not encrypt the file system.  The short answer is that Ivanti USB encryption is geared toward portability and mobility while keeping the data secure.  We use the AES 256 algorithm to encrypt the files inside of zip files.


    The reasons for this are:


    1. More data can fit on the USB drive and
    2. We can control the portability and encryption of each file better.


    On computers with the LANDESK client installed when you enable read-only on USB drives and force encryption for the full drive, the encryption utility is allowed to write to the drive in the compressed files and nothing else, thereby forcing encryption of sensitive data in the workplace.