How to: Set Default Query for Collections in Web Desk - Changing the Columns you see in the tab

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    How can I change what Columns I see in the tab on Workspaces in Web Desk?



    When adding a Collection as a tab on to a window you will automatically see some pre-set default tabs. This can be changed should you want to see other information in there by choosing to set a Filter as the default query for that particular Object.



    For both Console and Web Desk you change this in Object Designer for the Object that the Collection is built on.

    First you need to create the Filter that you would like to see instead of the default columns. You do this in Query and Report Designer in Console as you would with any filter.


    Base the filter on what you want to see in the result, and what the Collection is based on. For example, if you are replacing the Note Collection on the Incident window, then you will need to base the filter on Incident Management.Note.

    Filter the filter on what Object the workspace belongs to. Using the same example as above, you are adding your Note Filter on the Incident window, so you want to select Incident Management.Incident.


    After you have created your Filter, load Object Designer and find the relevant Object. You want to choose the Object that the Collection is linked to. Incident Management - Note Object.

    Save Object Designer.


    Now when you view your Incident window you will see your default query in the Note Collection tab instead of the pre-set columns.


    For more information about Filters, please see this Article: How To: Understand filters and how to set one up to use it