No Patches found error message on the gateway

Version 7


    When clicking the update button on the gateway you receive an message no patches found.



    This will happen for one of two reasons


    1. There are no current patches needed

    2. DNS resolution issue to the patch server or port blockage



    In the case that you know you need a patch for the Gateway appliance take the following steps to resolve the issue


    The LANDesk patch servers are

    •   - west coast server
    • Patchec. - east coast server
    •  - EMEA server


    The patch servers need to be resolved by DNS or an entry in the host file (/ect/Hosts) will need to be created.

    Depending on patch level of the gateway a "Host names" tab may be present under System on the GSB (web interface) page


    If not you can manually create an entry in the hosts file via SSH or console access.


    From a console (SSH) session

    Instructions -- How to use Putty to SSH into the LANDesk Management Gateway Appliance.


    1.     Change directories to /Etc

    ·       cd /etc

    Note: you can use pwd at any time to see current working directory.


    2.     Use the ls command (ls) to show all files

    ·       Look for hosts


    3.     Use the vi command (vi) to edit the host file

    ·       vi hosts

    ·       type i (this will enter insert mode) arrow down to a clean line and enter the patch server and ip address information (use the existing entries as a template)

    ·       press the ESC key (To return to command mode)

    ·       type ZZ ( Theses need to capital Z )  (To save the file and quit vi)



    Note: For current IP address please ping the patch server of your choice.




    The patching process downloads a list of the updates via HTTPS so must be reachable on port 443.

    The actual patches are downloaded from via HTTP so must be reachable on port 80.


    See also: How are the updates checked and downloaded on the Cloud Services Appliance?