How to force a DateTime attribute field to be saved with a future or passed date

Version 7

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x


    All versions of Service Desk


    Requires Access To:

    Service Desk console


    In Window Management when highlighting a date time attribute that doesn't contain any persistence type you will in the Properties have three "Date Time Control Settings":


    • DateTime Display Type: With this you decide how you want your date to look. You can choose from DateTime (default), DateOnly or TimeOnly.
    • DateTime Range Operator: With this you can set if your selected value in the DateTime attribute need to be After or Before the attribute that you select in the next option (DateTime Range Attribute)
    • DateTime Range Attribute: Here you set which attribute the previous setting is to look on when saving your new IPC.


    Note: the "DateTime Range Attribute" that you use has to be on the window (even if it is hidden), otherwise you will get an "Object Reference note set..." error message.


    For example you can set up your window so that when you are using a date time attribute on the Request window you cannot save the request unless the date selected in this field is in the future. You do this by setting:


    • "DateTime Range Operator": "After"
    • "DateTime Range Attribute": "Creation Date" attribute
    • "DateTime Display Type": "DateTime"


    This is how it looks in Window Manager:


    And this is how it looks in Web Desk and Self Service: